All About PGMB Classes

A warm welcome to our small initiative!

So, if you have landed on our website you must be looking for some great innovative educational videos. We are a small group of teachers from India, who were so fascinated by the new technology that has helped us impart wisdom and knowledge in such worse times as well. Due to this pandemic, we have actively started looking for alternatives to our "home tution" regime. As it seems, COVID is going to be around for a long run.

If like us, you also have been struck at home, please do subscribe to our website and become a member for more educational content. We will try keep most of our content free of cost, however there will some paid classes for whoever is interested (As one has to eat! :D)

But if you have any financial difficulty you may reach to us and we would love to help you with your educational needs.

Hope you will get most out of our little initiative and support it!

Happy Student